Powerful 100% Relevant niche edit.

We help clients to grow their organic traffic and revenue by placing their links on the most relevant and trusted web pages.

  • Placement on powerful aged pages
  • 100% Relevant to your niche
  • High quality at great price
  • 100% Money-back if we fail to deliver as promised

Trusted by 20+ SEO Agencies and hundreds of individual business owners

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Why Our Niche Edit Is Powerful

100% Relevance

We find powerful, relevant web pages on established sites for our customer's link placement as google loves a link ten times more which comes from a relevant Webpage.

Page have Authority

We place our clients link on those webpages which have high authority, age, referring domain, indexed as those pages have real authority and power to pass ranking juice to boost ranking.

Aged content

We use aged web pages as these pages have already established trust, traffic, backlinks and organic traffic. They are more powerful and effective and bring the immediate result.

Natural link embeded

We embed anchor text and URL of web page naturally into the desired webpage by keeping in mind the intent and keyword of your site. However, you can also give your specific anchor text.

Our Niche edit plan


$ 85 Per link placement
  • Avg 1000-3000 traffic
  • 50 RD Plus
  • 100% relevant to your niche
  • DF link with contexual link
  • Link live with 2 weeks


$ 115 Per link placement
  • Avg 3000-7000 traffic
  • 75 RD Plus
  • 100% relevant to your niche
  • DF link with contexual link
  • Link live with 2 weeks


$ 140 Per link placement
  • Avg 7000+ traffi
  • 100 RD Plus
  • 100% relevant to your niche
  • DF link with contexual link
  • Link live with 2 weeks

Our process of niche edit

Find Opportunity

Once the customer places an order after that, our link prospector runs a special campaign to find the relevant niche edit opportunity by keeping the customer's requirements in mind.

Quality Assessment

Now we do the quality assessment of all the discovered opportunities. Where we filter them through our strict quality criteria and remove all the bad one. and select the final list for outreach.


Our outreach manager finds contact details of all selected opportunities, outreaches them, and further persuades them for link placement with a personalized pitch.

Link live

Once the webmaster agrees to the link placement then our specialist instructs him how to embed anchor text and URL naturally in the desired page. Once the link goes live, we report to our client.

What Our Client Says About Us


Most frequent questions and answers

Both guest post and niche edit is a link building strategy. In the guest posting, we write a new article like a guest writer on another site and as a reward, we get a backlink from that article to our site.

Whereas in niche edit, you request the webmaster to place a link in an existing aged post, rather than writing a new article.

We will take about 15 days to complete your order and send you all the information related to the order once it is completed. As it is a very complex task to build relevant link placement so it is natural to take 15 days.

We provide high-quality service to our customers. For niche edit, we reach out to real blogs with traffic for link placement of our clients. We don’t use any shady tactics like PBN.

We have a huge database of link-building opportunities. So nearly we have access to every niche. We also run a separate campaign to find more niche-edit opportunities if we lack opportunities in any niche.

There is no suitable answer to this question as ranking depends on many factors. To estimate the probability of ranking first, you have to look over the competition of keywords, content, on-page optimization, current backlink profile and many more.

However, it has been generally observed that 3 to 5 high-quality contextual links can give you positive and rank improvement signals in 10 to 15 days.


Mainly before niche edit, we cannot show you the URL for privacy concerns and made it not public as google can penalize those URLs. But the quality of your niche will remain high and we follow strict quality criteria.

However, we give our premium clients access to niche edit URLs for approval before they buy, but we have custom pricing for them.

Yes, we provide a discount for bulk orders. You can contact us at email contact@serpmetric.com or the online website chat option for  discount.

These are third-party SEO metrics.

DA: Domain authority is a ranking metric developed by Moz that predicts how well a site will rank. It gives a number between 0 to 100. Higher, the better.

PA: Page authority is also a ranking metric developed by Moz that predicts how well a page can rank in SERP. It symbolizes the authority of a page. It’s also between 0 to 100. More, the better.

RD: Referring domain is a number of root domains that are linking to your site. Its only counts how many other sites are linked to you. Suppose you get 10 backlinks from 5 sites then you have 5 RD to your site.

Generally, We pick natural and safe anchor text after checking the intent of your site and post. While selecting an anchor text, we use best anchor text optimization practices.

However, if you want the anchor text of your choice, then you can give us. We will use that.

Yes, We can show you some samples of niche edits. Please contact us through chat or contact us page for samples.

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