Fully Managed SEO Services

In our fully managed SEO Services, we provide excellent, unmatched, and comprehensive services that you need to make your website compete favorably on the search engines. With our skilled and competent SEO team, we do end-to-end SEO optimization that will maximize the organic rankings and drive traffic to your website. We oversee and take care of all aspects of SEO, such as Keyword Research, Competition Analysis, Technical SEO, Link Building, Content Development, among others.

• End-to-end SEO Optimization.
• Transparent Monthly Reporting.
• Complete Compliance with Google Guidelines.
• 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee.

Trusted by 20+ SEO Agencies and hundreds of individual business owners

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Our 4-Step Effective Approach to SEO

Analysis Phase

We do not haphazardly carry out our SEO services. To provide result-oriented and bespoke SEO services, we ensure detailed research and analysis before doing anything. This informs us as to what is working and how we can improvise.

Planning Phase

Based on our analysis, we will create custom-tailored SEO plan that will outperform the competitors on the search engines. It is necessary to execute SEO strategy, in line with carefully-crafted and result-driven planning.

Action & Implementation

Mere analysis and planning cannot get the job done if appropriate actions are not taken. We execute proper implementation per our research to bring excellent results.

Track & Record Progress

After action, we track and record your actions and progress. This enables us to know if you have done anything wrong, so you can do a re-analysis and make necessary corrections if the desired result is not forthcoming.

Things We do in our Fully Managed SEO Service!

  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Competion Analysis
  • Content Development
  • On-Page Optimization
  • SEO Audit
  • Linkbuilding
  • Project Management & Reporting

Market research is crucial and it is the first step in the world of digital marketing. In market research, we identify who the competitors are and the strategies they employ. We also conduct in-depth research to know why some competitors' websites rank high on search engines and why others' don't, what strategies are working in your market and what are those not working, what type of backlinks and content are most effective in your niche, etc.

So, this gives us a robust understanding of your market and niche, and consequently, we know better what we need to do to make the website rank on the first page of the search engines.

These are the questions we ask and analyze in market research:

  1. Who are the competitors?
  2. Who are the most successful competitors?
  3. Why are they successful with their SEO strategy?
  4. What are the types of content produced by the competitors?
  5. What type of backlinks are effective?
  6. What are the competitors' on-page & off-page strategies?
  7. What are their keyword and ranking success?

Keyword research is the most indispensable aspect of SEO and it can be likened to be the backbone of SEO campaigns. For an SEO strategy or campaign to yield the desired result, meticulous keyword research must be done. Wrong keywords, extremely high competitive keywords, keywords with low search volume, etc are some of the things that may frustrate the success of an SEO campaign. Hence, the need for efficient keyword research.

In keyword research, we will find all the relevant, profitable keywords with decent search volume and low to moderate competition levels.

What we look out for in keyword research are:

  • All Relevant keywords
  • Search Volume
  • CPC
  • KD Score
  • Competitors' most
  • profitable Keywords
  • Easy-to-rank keywords
  • Gauge manual competition of keywords.

To have an idea of how competitive a keyword is to rank on top of Google's first page, we analyze all the on-page and off-page elements of five top-ranking websites for the desired keyword. This process helps us understand how perfectly written are the content of the competitors, based on the targeted keywords; and also understand the competitors' backlinks.

So, with our thorough competitor analysis, we can prepare an effective on-page and off-page strategy for our desired keyword.

What we find out in our competitor analysis:

[A] We find our direct competitors for your specific keywords.

[B] Do Analysis, What they have done on On-Page & Off-page.

# On-Page Elements
# Off-Page Elements
TitleNo of backlinks
DescriptionType of backlinks
HeadingQuality of backlinks
ImagesAnchor Text Distribution
Content LenthRelevancy of Backlinks
FormattingDomain Power & Authority
Key features of their contentSpam Score of link

Well-written content is a sine-qua-non for a website to rank high on the search engines. This underlines the importance of proper content analysis. Here in the content development process, we prioritize our keywords and conduct exhaustive content analysis of top-ranking content for our desired keywords; and with the sky scrapper technique, we will create better and more in-depth content than that of the competitors'.

In content planning, we will carefully create an effective, custom-tailored content plan and our team of skilled writers would start weaving words together to produce excellent content. We also have expert designers on stand-by to craft website graphics and designs.

Things we do in content development:

  • Content Audit
  • Content Analysis
  • Content Planning
  • Create top-notch content
  • Give Final Touch and Publish content

On-page optimization is a pivotal element of SEO. A well-optimized on-page elements helps search engines to understand what the content is about, index and rank for relevant keywords. There are various elements that we optimize in on-page optimization. To help you drive the maximum organic result, we ensure meticulous on-page optimization and fix other related issues. Examples of on-page issues are missing meta description, unoptimized title, uncompressed heavy images, poor and thin content.

In on-page optimization, these are the elements we optimize:

  • URL of the page
  • Title of the page
  • Meta description
  • Heading
  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Intent
  • Internal incoming & outgoing links
  • External links
  • Images
  • Alt Text
  • User experience
  • Schema

It is very important to always conduct SEO audits. It helps diagnose any latent technical issue that may hinder a website's visibility and also helps to maintain consistent visibility on the search engines. Some technical issues can frustrate website ranking. Examples are crawling and indexing issues such as improper use of the canonical tag, important pages by mistake blocked by robots.txt, orphan pages, etc.

In SEO Audit, we will conduct a comprehensive in-depth SEO audit with reliable and leading-edge software like site bulb, screaming frog, search console, etc. We will also manually identify all crawling, indexing, on-page, security, performance, and other related issues. We prepare reports in instances where we detect issues, proffer how they will be fixed, and commence fixing them.

In SEO audit, we look out for and fix more than 300 issues. These include:

1. Crawling and Indexing issues (Examples: Pages blocked in robots.txt, wrong use of canonical tag)
2. Links-related issues (Examples: Orphan pages)
3. On-page issues (Examples: Missing Title, Multi h1 tag, Duplicate Headings)
4. Redirections (Examples: 3xx Redirection, Redirection Chain, Redirection to 4xx Page)
5. Internal and external links(Examples: Broken links, Mixed Content)
6. Analytics issues (Examples: Page with high bounce rate, Broken page receiving traffic)
7. Performance-Based issues (Examples: Low server response time, Site speed load time)
7. User Experience (Examples: Thin content, Poor design, Text too small)
8. Security Related issues (Examples: SSL not installed, internal HTTP URLs)
9. Duplicate Content (Examples: Duplicate content, Similar content)
10. Backlink Audit (Examples: If Needed- Toxic irrelevant blog comment)


Backlinks are the most important aspect of off-page SEO and they are equally an integral part of the Google algorithm. Google gauge how valuable a website is by checking the backlinks. So, linkbuilding can make or break a website, depending. If properly done, it will help the website rank high, while it will harm the website if badly done.

In the link-building process, we will conduct a backlink audit where we first analyze all the backlinks on your website; and then identify and remove or disallow links with the use of the Google disallow tool. Also, we analyze the backlinks of the most successful competitors to glean the type of links that are effective in a particular niche, and consequently adapt them to build a link strategy that outranks the competitors.

Lastly, we start building high-quality, relevant links on real websites with traffic, using outreaching and several other link building techniques like creating drinkable assets.

Things We do in our linkbuilding process:

Backlink audit and removal of toxic links
Analysis of competitor backlinks
Build Backlinks Strategy.
Build backlinks on real websites by using advanced linkbuilding tactics.

This is the last process in our comprehensive SEO services. It is important to record and track the progress of our SEO strategy. In this stage, we will organize all the information about the SEO actions we took for our client. We also give detailed, clear, organized, and transparent reports of every service we provide.

For efficient and seamless project management, we have a dashboard/system.

The things we track, record and report:

Every action we took for SEO
Project management
Tracking of traffic
Tracking of keyword movement

What Our Client Says About Us

GET A CUSTOM PLAN That Suits Your Needs.

Our fully managed page is comprehensive and we have in stock everything you need to get your website on Google's first page!

Package Included
Market Research
Keyword Research
Basic Keyword Research
Advance Keyword Research
Advance Keyword Research
Competition Analysis
Site Structure & Architecture
Content Development
Content Analysis, Strategy & Development - 1 Page/Keyword
Content Analysis, Strategy & Development - 2 Page/Keyword
Content Analysis, Strategy & Development - 3 Page/Keyword
On-Page Optimization
Complete Optimization for1 Page each Month.
Complete Optimization for2 Page each Month.
Complete Optimization for3 Page each Month.
Technical Audit & Fixes
Complete Audit Once a Year - Fix 1 Error for 5 Pages each Month.
Complete Audit Twice a year - Fix 2 Error for 10 Pages each Month.
Complete Audit Thrice a year - Fix 3 Error for 10 Pages each Month.
Link Analysis and Strategy for 1 Targeted Keyword + 1 Contextual Link each Month.
Link Analysis and Strategy for 2 Targeted Keyword + 3 Contextual Link each Month.
Link Analysis and Strategy for 3 Targeted Keyword + 5 Contextual Link each Month.
Reporting & Project Management
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Benefits of Choosing Our Fully Managed SEO services

Data Orianted SEO

Our SEO services are data-oriented. In delivering our services, we conduct necessary research and analysis, and aggregate data collected. This helps us to be strategic and adapt the best SEO practices.

End to End Optimization

We offer end-to-end optimization that will maximize the organic rankings of your website on the search engines and drive traffic to your website.

White Hat Safe SEO

We employ effective SEO strategies and tactics that will improve your website ranking, while adhering to the terms and conditions of the search engines.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by 20+ SEO agencies and hundreds of individual business owners, we have a proven track record of providing unparalleled, custom-tailored SEO solutions.

On-Time Delivery

We carry out our services with the consciousness that time is of essence. Hence, we are staunchly committed to swift delivery of services to our clients.

Experianced & Skilled Team

For every service we provide for each client, we will give detailed, organized, and transparent reporting.

Transparent Reporting

For every service we provide for each client, we will give detailed, organized, and transparent reporting.

Deep SEO Understanding

We have technical competency, robust knowledge, and intricate understanding of SEO. Our vast SEO understanding enables us to provide SEO services that yield results.

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FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

SEO management refers to developing, leading, and modifying SEO strategies to improve a website’s visibility on search engines and achieve a business or marketing goals.

SEO services include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. On-page SEO is to optimize website content. It involves researching relevant keywords, building and balancing internal links, content organization, etc. Off-page optimization is building links from relevant and credible websites. It includes analyzing valuable links, tracking new inbound links generated, etc. Technical SEO is understanding the search engines when optimizing a website. It involves analyzing the elements search engines consider when ranking a website, such as sitemap accessibility, crawl errors, broken lines, etc.

Generally, it depends on the type of campaign the SEO is offering. Also, different SEO companies charge differently for their services. However, on average, SEO services for national or international campaigns are usually between $2,500 to $5,000 per month. SEO services for a local campaign typically cost $400-$500 monthly.

You should not expect to see results immediately. However, it can take as less as two months and as much as 12 months before seeing results.

We do not offer guaranteed SEO results or rankings. This is because we do not have control over search engines’ algorithms and therefore cannot control how these search engines rank websites. However, we employ the best tools and strategies to make intelligent predictions.

Our services cut across various industries. Our niche includes blogs, websites, etc. We can help you examine the search volume, balance keyword specificity for SEO, conduct competitor analysis, and create niche-specific content.

You need to have a contract with us detailing the services we are to offer, the expectations, terms and conditions, payments, etc. However, you do not have to go into a fixed-term contract with us. You can cancel your contract at any time.

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